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ACT: Sections and Scoring




ACT Scoring- How does it work?

This test differs from the SAT in many ways, and it is extremely beneficial to be aware of the differences before deciding on which test is best suited for you! The ACT test tends to be more similar in format to standard high school material, and has a Science section whereas the SAT does not. Also, the mathematics section on the ACT is more advanced than on the SAT, and the Essay section is optional on the ACT but mandatory on the SAT. Many universities today accept the SAT and ACT, but not all, so it is important to know what schools you are interested in beforehand.




Scoring for all  Multiple-Choice Sections in test

  • 1 point for each correct answer (no deductions for incorrect or unanswered questions)
  • raw score is calculated using the correct number of answers in each section. For example, 50 out of 75 answers correctly in the English section is a raw score of 50.
  • The raw score is then changed to a scaled score between 1-36, which includes metrics that take into account difficulty level variations.
  • The composite score is the average of the scaled scores for the four multiple-choice test sections. This score is rounded to the nearest whole number. Any numbers less than 1/2 are rounded down, and any numbers more than 1/2 are rounded up to the next whole number. 
  • So, for example:  23 + 25 + 25 + 25=  98/4 which is 24.5 would be rounded up to 25.
  • The final score report will also contain a percentile ranking comparing the student's score against others.

Writing Test Score


  • Two people read and score the essay based on a holistic or overall impression
  • Score ranges are between 1-6. 
  • The final score will be a whole number between 2-12.

Final Writing Test Calculations

Writing + Essay:

  • Writing Section is worth 2/3 
  • Essay is worth  1/3
  • The final score will range between 1-36.
  • The final score is one composite score, not separated scores.

 ACT Test Sections:



  • 45 minutes Total
  • 75 questions (multiple choice)
  • Includes questions on grammar and written English




  • 60 minutes Total
  • 60 questions (multiple choice)
  • Basic arithmetic, Algebra I & II, geometry and trigonometry




  • 10-15 MINUTE BREAK
  • 35 minutes Total
  • 40  questions (multiple choice)
  • Four sections on varying topics




  • 35 minutes Total
  • 40  questions (multiple–choice)
  • Includes questions involving graphs/data, research information or multiple conceptual viewpoints
  • No calculators allowed




  • 30 minutes Total
  • 1 essay question involving multiple viewpoints
  • Essay is optional



  • Total Time:
    • Without essay, test time is: 2 hours & 55 minutes
    • With essay, test time is: 3 hours & 25 minutes
  • 4 Sections Total
  • 2 breaks are given during the exam
  • Top Score is a 36

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